Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica Review

When you are always on the move between different continents, you will need to have a watch that dynamically changes its time zone to enables you to read the time as per the location you currently are in. This is exactly what the Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica encompasses. The replica watch is a perfect imitation of that device you need. The Rolex GMT-Master replica is the perfect watch for pilots and other aerospace crew. In order to really understand where this replica watch is coming from let us first dive into its rich history and later see what transformations this watch has had over the years.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica
Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica

The first GMT-Master series was unveiled in 1954. It was designed with help from the Pan American Airways experts. The watch was issued to the pilots and navigators of the airline. It enabled them to set the time to GMT or simply adjust it to another time zone and with the rotatable bezel; they were able to set the time to a second time zone.

In the early 1980’s, the Rolex GMT-Master II was released. It was an improvement of the GMT-Master in both design and function. The look is still the same with an improvement in the usability and its technology.

An updated version was released in 2005 with advanced features such as the Parachrom hairspring, the Triplock crown and it was larger compared to its predecessors. The new bezel was made from insert in ceramic. With these changes, the replica watch has become an icon in the air-travel world. Its transformation has enabled it to adapt the fast changing needs that air-travel crew have developed.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica
Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica

Features of the Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica

Years have gone by since the first GMT-Master was introduced to the world. The replica watch has managed to maintain the original look but it is very different for its forerunners. It has existed in various colored bezels that not gave it identity over the years.

The Bezel

This is the identifiable feature in this replica watch. This watch features a black bidirectional rotatable bezel. The bezel of the replica is unique and I will explain extensively how it works. Apart from the hour, minute, and second hand functions, it has a second time zone with separate rapid-setting features.

In addition to this, the hour markers are made from 18ct gold to ensure that they do not tarnish destroying the sublime look. This bezel is made from Cerachrom insert in ceramic

A 3186 Movement

This replica watch is equipped with a perpetual mechanical self-winding 3186 caliber movement. This movement is a certified Swiss chronometer. It is also fitted with a Parachrom hairspring, which is resistant to shock, and temperature variation therefore making this watch unaltered from such disturbances.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica
Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica

The Bracelet

The bracelet is Oyster which offers perfect form and function. The traditional three-piece-link design not only ensures that its feel is comfortable and firm in your wrist. The bracelet is made from Oystersteel, the best currently available material for watch bracelets. This bracelet has Oysterlock folding clasp, which prevents accidental opening. It is also fitted with an Easylink Comfort Extension link that allows you to adjust the bracelet to easily fit your wrist the way you want it to.

The Model Case

The model case is Oyster and it is made from Oystersteel. It is a Monoblock middle-case type with a screw down case back and a winding crown. It has a diameter of 40mm long. This case is relatively larger compared to the other models but still comfortable enough.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica
Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel Replica

Sapphire Crystal

Just like all watches made by the Rolex SA, the crystal of this watch is of sapphire, which makes it scratch proof. This will ensure that your watch would not be scratched from an accidental contact with equipment on board.

In addition, this watch’s case technology makes this watch water resistant for depths down to 100 meters or 330 feet. This watch is an all-rounder so I would recommend this watch to any person who wants that look of class and elegance.


I know you may have an anxiety of buying a Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel. This is the most affordable Rolex watch. A standard replica watch to wear, it looks nice on any mode of dressing.

The quality of the watch is impeccable. I do not think you can find this type of replica watch in any place. Rolex GMT-Master II Black Ceramic Bezel features are excellent.


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